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Welcome to www.BookingTripper.com and our company’s very first blog! We look forward to providing relevant, interesting, engaging, and entertaining articles, viewpoints, and experiences relating to hotel deals, traveling, and all the pieces that go into making a journey truly memorable.

Even though www.BookingTripper.com’s primary function and service is to search hundreds of hotel booking sites to find you the best hotel deals at the best price, we also look forward to exploring with you the very best destinations, journeys, experiences, cultures, social news, and food. Traveling is not just about getting to you destination although sometimes it might be. It’s also about exploring, relaxing, experiencing where you are, who you meet, what you eat, what you enjoy, and, ultimately, what you learn, remember, and how your travels have helped expand your horizons.

We are a group of travel professionals wanting to bring more to you than just great hotel deals in the USA and around the world. The launch of this website means a great deal to us. Everyone at www.BookingTripper.com loves to travel and loves what they do. We hope in a small way that we can share our experiences, thoughts, ideas, and insights with you so you might be able to get some interesting and different perspectives as we explore points around the globe.

Thank you for beginning our journey with us. Let’s enjoy the trip as much as the destination.

And, as our favorite mascot BT likes to say, “Get Up and Go!”

We compare. You save. Guaranteed!

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